Features of Mowld price plans

Choose the price plan that best suits your company and its needs, depending on the number of molds you want to protect.

All of the tariffs cover the same functionalities, varying exclusively by the number of Mowld devices contracted.

Pricing calculator

Enter the number of molds to control

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Starter Pack

Number of devices: 10
Investment per device: 100 € / mes
Total monthly: 1000 € / mes*

*Stay 12 months

Mowld Solution

  • Geolocation of molds.
  • Traceability of parameters for mold usage.
  • Traceability of mold’s production parameters.
  • Quality and contract compliance verification.
  • Rights of use and subcontracting verification.
  • Production forecast.

Technical features

  • Self-installable / ready to use
  • 5 year battery life
  • Analytical visualization platform
  • Secure Cloud Solution
  • Web access from anywhere
  • Non-invasive stand-alone sensor
  • Mobile wireless communication